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Advisory systems

Sales and Management of Financial Products

With our experience in design, development, and integration of software technologies for financial advice, we help our customers to stand out positively in a highly competitive environment.

  • Financial applications with a clear sales-related approach facilitate both the advisory service and product sales. Mobile financial advice solutions are expanding opportunities for business.
  • The automated integration of processes and existing data reduces administrative tasks. The financial advisor is able to focus on his key work: to advice the customer and to sell a product. 
  • Plausibility checks and verification functions that are built into the software help to reduce liability risks and loss of reputation.
  • The integration of the systems of product vendors and financial distributors into the software increases user acceptance as well as brokerage rates. 
  • The knowledge and business logic of the products is stored in a central product management system. 

Our financial advice applications help to explain complex relations by a few clicks and to present the possible solutions / products to your client in the most convincing way. 

Depending on your individual objectives, different complementary solutions may be useful:

  • Gaining prospective customers "en route" by mobile applications for iPhone, Android and more…
  • Readily available software explaining the benefits of the current legal situation
  • Financial planning applications for home or mobile offices that are available online and are synchronized with master data and CRM applications. 

Many financial advice solutions require complex computational logics, e.g. in financial planning optimized retirement plans taking into account taxes and social security, or picking the right tariffs, interest and repayment schedules, etc. 

Since 1997 e.stradis is developing efficient calculation kernels that can be embedded either locally as encapsulated modules or within a service-oriented architecture. 

Beside defining and implementing business logics, we support our clients with sophisticated test methods and automation.

The central idea of a product management system is to store product knowledge in one place and to automatically provide the information to the surrounding software landscape. The range of product knowledge that is stored centrally in a product management system is diverse and often depends on the individual use case.

  • Product specifications and product filters
  • Definition of product dependencies (e.g. possible bundles or exceptions)
  • Definition of the loci to calculate tariffs
  • Management of plausibilities for product selection and application, e.g. lists of professions, investment possibilities
  • Management of preconditions, documents required by the insurance contract act, forms ...
  • and a lot more ...

e.stradis has years of experience in developing and managing product databases for all kinds of financial products. Different solutions have been used in our projects - from the integration of a product management system as middleware (e.g. msg.PM) up to the proprietary development of database-driven solutions.

  • Consultancy Systems
  • Calculation Kernels
  • Product Management