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Calculation Engines

Powerfull Solutions for Complex Financial Calculations

Many issues in financial planning and credit & risk management require planning calculations and simulations, e.g. financial forecasting and stress testing. Those processes that are essential for the business operations of a company require complex computational procedures, putting an emphasis both on technical correctness and high performance. In many simulations the scenarios are computed based on stochastic processes to gain additional information about the probability distribution of the scenarios. 

Our interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, economists and computer scientists supports our clients in the design and implementation of planning and simulation as well as financial calculation models. We help to answer various questions, such as

  • Is a requested limit at any point in the future covered by the existing credit lines and collaterals?
  • How will the future cash flows (liquidity, income statement, balance sheet) develop as well as relating key figures of the real estate project or company?
  • How do changes in certain assumptions change the distribution of rating categories in a loan portfolio?
  • What are the relevant credit parameters of a loan or building savings contract (effective interest rate, payment plans etc.)
  • What is the after tax net present value of the cash flows from my retirement products? How much more do I need to save?

Calculation engines encapsulate the calculation logic and make it available via well-defined interfaces.

As a result, a complex bussiness logic can be provided to different applications - for example in a service-oriented architecture - and still be maintained centrally, for example,

  • Financial Calculations and Financial Planning
  • Counterparty Risk Management
  • Private and Corporate Asset Management
  • Corporate Budgeting & Planning

e.stradis has been designing and developing powerful calculation engines since 1997. We assist you in requirements analysis, design, programming and testing.